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  1. Seasons / Chapter Two / the Autumn

    The Season project consists of four chapters and each of them takes one particular season as a starting point.

    Within this project we try to find the most suitable location and time of the year that would fit the essence of that season. 

    Chapter two - the Autumn, was located at Ungurmuiža manor, Latvia.

    The main theme for this chapter was color, fertility and mysticism that was leading the five stages of the event.

    Chef: Andris Jugāns

    Concept, Design: Mārcis Ziemiņš

    Waiters: Andris Zabītis, Līga Sipiagina and Edgars

    Horeography: Gabija Bīriņa

    DJ: Mareks Ameriks

    Photos: Beāte Ligere, Jānis Vīksna

    Concept, production: Gundega Skudriņa

    Production assistant: Nora Ūpe

    Ungurmuiža, Latvia



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